Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Twisted Pair

Fiber Optic
Are you Familiar with the different cablings used in Networking?

To tell you openly I was very unfortunate in any information that correlate to the networking before because I don’t really have an idea or knowledge in the field of networking…But now that I have this opportunity to take Networking subject it helps me a lot and it expand my knowledge in this course… The cabling that are usually tackled and commonly used in networking are twisted pair, Coaxial and the most expensive is Fiber Optic. Twisted pair it is used in Ethernet technology. It has a Standard (UTP) Unshielded twisted pair category 3 (10 Base T) used in phone lines, and category 5(10 Base 2), the current networking standard. The coaxial wiring resembles round cable TV wiring. But nowadays coaxial are rarely used and seen. The most reliable and most expensive is the Fiber Optic it is usually reserved as a connection between backbone devices in a larger network.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

About Networking....

In this subject I learned the basic components of networking. It is really interesting and it will broaden your knowledge regarding on how networking functions and its significance in the field of technologies.
Networks are the collections of two or more connected computers. Once the computers are connected it can liberally share files, peripherals and so on… When more than two computers are connected it must allocate server as a fundamental storage point of any files and application programs. The server provides services to client such as file server, application server, fax server etc. On other hand the clients are the one who utilizes the services. If the computers are connected it must install a NIC (Network Interface card). It permits the computer to communicate on the way to the network. Upon employing the NIC it must be required to use a wiring that are compatible to it such as twisted pair and coaxial.